Instagram’s Sister App Threads is Privacy Nightmare

[Threads] provides [Facebook-Meta] with information on what posts you engage with and who you are following. That includes ‘the types of content you view or interact with and how you interact with it’, as well as how long and how often you use Threads, according to the Threads privacy policy. In addition to your Threads activity, the company’s privacy policy indicates they also collect GPS location, camera access, photos, IP information, the device you’re using and device signals including ‘Bluetooth signals, nearby Wi-Fi access points, beacons and cell towers.’ […] much of that information remains vulnerable to law enforcement requests, of which Meta received nearly 240,000 globally in the second half of 2022. A little more than 64,000 of those law enforcement requests for user data were just in the US.”

Source: The Guardian, July 11, 2023, “As Threads app thrives, experts warn of Meta’s string of privacy violations